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by posted 07/16/2015
Summer Boot Camp Reg now open

Summer Hockey Boot Camp

Open to All Associations        Still Openings for Tue/Thu   Mon/Wed Full

Players grouped by age / ability

What is it?

Summer Hockey Boot Camp is a new approach to actually changing technique flaws in your skating and shooting.  There are over 20 components to a correct skating stride.  As young players learn to skate, some of these components are learned correctly, many are not.  Each time a player skates, these components are practiced and soon become habits. Players as young as 3 can develop skating styles that are made into habits.  Once a component has become a habit, weekly Power Skating Group Classes will do nothing to correct poor habits (technique).  It will reinforce both your good habits as well as your bad, but it will not correct bad habits.  The same can be said for the occasional Private Power Skating Lesson.  Once a week on the ice for an hour will not make any noticeable long term change to poor skating habits.

To actually change a habit, the following must happen:

  1. Must determine an exact habit, or action you want to change.
  2. You must recognize the trigger that initiates that habit
  3. Must determine what the new habit will look like
  4. For hockey…You must select both off and on ice exercises which can be done daily, either at the rink or at home.  Off ice pieces are critical as they need to be done daily.  Either just on ice or just off ice will not work.
  5. Must link new habit to new or existing trigger.  This is very important
  6. Must measure new habit vs old to document change.
  7. Must establish on going practice to keep new habit active.


We have spent a considerable amount of time researching this process and have tested our methods to insure they work.  We are now ready to start working with small groups of 5 players of similar ability to use this process to change some bad habits and make your players better skaters and shooters.

We will be offering the program as follows:

Instructors : Al Vyverberg, Pat Wade, Glenn Collins

Days / Times - Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu - 9:30a-11:30a

Dates:  Evaluations – Week of June 22

             Program Dates: July 13 – August 4 (4 weeks)

Program Cost:  $250 / Player

Register by:  Going to villagesports.net and click on Hockey Boot Camp


by posted 06/04/2015
October AAA Training Weekend
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