Rochester Coalition U15 Tier I Teams

Season / Team Plans


Due to the number of quality players at the U15 tryout, we will be asking those players who do not wish to be considered for the two 15U Tier I teams to notify the check in desk of your decision when you arrive tonight.  You will then be able to attend the U16 Tier II tryout.  You do not have to attend both!

The two 15U teams will be selected tonight, and those players who do attend the 15U tryout and are not selected will be asked to stay for the 16U Tier II tryout immediately following.



The U15 Tier I age group was created by USA Hockey for two reasons:

1.     They determined that this age was the critical time for players to showcase their skills and determine what path they should take to give them the best chance to reach their hockey goals.

2.     Hockey Canada uses the U15 age as their draft age for their high end Junior Teams.  This is also the time those same Canadian Junior Teams pick off the best USA players before they commit to College.

3.     USA Hockey hopes by creating a U15 Tier one grouping, they will be able to keep a better handle on the players of that age group, rather than getting them all mixed with the U16 age group.


Coalition Midget Minor two year plan

The goal of our Midget Minor Coalition Program is to create opportunities for Western New York Elite players which will help them achieve their goal of playing College Hockey.  We look at this as a two year program.  We plan to select 35 players for this program with those players placed on two teams. 

Year One – U15 Tier I

Both teams will be Tier I AAA teams with the first picked team Tournament Bound.  The teams will train together or back to back, have the same uniforms and operate under the same development process and budgets.  Players will have opportunities to move between teams based on their development.  Some players will move on after year one to either Prep School, Elite Juniors, or The USA Hockey National Program.  We expect to have at least a couple of these players commit to College Programs before the end of next season.


Year Two – U16 Tier I

For those players who have not moved on to higher levels, year two will be for those players to showcase their skills and develop the same opportunities.  These players will have a tremendous advantage securing these opportunities as they will have played together in the same development system and will also be able to take advantage of the team reputation they helped develop the year before. 



First picked teamChris Collins – Head Coach

Second Picked TeamRob Sedia – Head Coach

Assistant Coaches will be named once final rosters are selected.

To insure the program meets the goals set out for it, we have the two best development coaches in Western New York Coaching these two teams.  Each brings a wealth of coaching and player development skills along with connections at the highest levels of Prep School, Junior Hockey, USA National Program, and College Hockey.  The combination of skill development and contacts will give any player making one of these two teams the absolute best opportunity to succeed.



Player Selection

We will be posting both these teams final rosters at the same time, and will leave enough time for those players not selected to attend the U16 Tier II Tryout tonight.