The Rochester Grizzlies 3 v 3 Games will utilize the Village Sports training rink. The rink was designed specifically for 3 v 3 games for players of all ages. The rink size is perfect for providing constant action and it forces players to utilize all their hockey skills much more frequently than they would on a full size rink.  Skill development, creativity, and *FUN* will be the emphasis of these games.  The games will be a non-check league to insure these goals are met.
Games Format
We will take up to 21 skaters and 3 goalies and randomly assign them to teams. Each player will play four games consisting of two 20 minute running clock periods. There will be up to 7 skaters and a goalie on each team. After each game, the players are assigned to new teams.

  • No Checking
  • Penalty shots for penalties
  • Any player receiving 3 penalties will be suspended for that game.
  • Misconduct or fight --- Player is out of the current game and any remaining games --- No refunds
  • USA Hockey certified official for each game

Cost: $40 - This cost includes 4 games, plus snacks, drinks, and pizza 

Limited to 21 skaters and 3 goalies per event. 

Birth year Day Time
1998 Saturday, March 21 Sold Out! 4:00pm - 9:00pm
1999 Sunday, March 22 Cancelled

Players register as individuals. Please call Village Sports at 381-0090 to reserve your spot.