Grizzlies and Red Wings Joint Venture!

The Rochester RedWings and Rochester Grizzlies are excited to announce the merging of their programs to now offer the premier youth hockey development program in Rochester.

The Rochester RedWings Hockey Program was founded by Jay Kirk in March of 2001.  The program grew from Independent to Tier II in just 5 years.  Hundreds of players at all levels have taken advantage of the area's Elite combination Off Ice/ On Ice training and development offered by Kirk and his staff.  Many players have and continue to realize very high levels of success within High School, Junior and College programs.  RRW developed players are recognized at these levels as Elite players.

The RRW program stands by 2 statements!
" We Never Look to Recruit The Best........We Develop The Best"
"The Committment to Excellence Begins Here"

The Rochester Grizzlies initially were established as a spring and summer development program for players ages 5 and older in February of 2007.  Founder and President of the Grizzlies Glenn Collins realized immediate successes with his unique approach to player development.  Those successes created the opportunity to organize teams at various levels that now train, practice and compete as independent teams at various levels.  Grizzlies teams are recognized within the area at their levels as competitive.  A proud statement for a young program!

Kirk and Collins combine more than 50 years of training and development experiences.  They spent several years working together developing players dating back to the early 1990's utilizing the concepts now being supported by USA Hockey, (The ADM).  Glenn and Jay realize that one true/complete development program offering opportunity at all age levels needs to exist in the Greater Rochester Area.  The combining of the two programs will guarantee that local players will have a training and development opportunity with Expert Player Development  leaders.  Players lacking the immediate skills of others, yet have the desire and drive to be developed regardless of current abilities, are now able to realize their full potentials within the opportunity.

Coaching opportunities are available at all levels.

"Rochester's Highest Level of Hockey Training and Development"