Grizzlies:  How to Email your Team

Please note, the pictures below are what your screen will look like when you follow these steps.

The Grizzlies are asking all coaches and managers to use email as the primary communication with their team. Emails sent to the team should be generated from this website.

Please do not create your own distribution list on your computer and use that to send emails to your teamWe are asking all coaches and managers to follow the procedures below to communicate with their team by email.

Coaches and managers will receive an email from the website that includes your manager's password. 

1.) Please click on the padlock on the right hand side of the top menu bar (see picture below)

2.) Enter your full name and your managers password, click Submit

3.) After you have logged in successfully, click Teams 

4.) Navigate to your team

5.) Click on Roster

6.) The Roster page has a complete list of players, contact information, parents names, etc.  You can only view the private contact details if you are logged in as a manger.  Scroll to the bottom of the roster and click the envelop icon to email the whole team.

7.) You may then compose your email to the team

8.) After you click Submit you will get a confirmation screen