Spring Development Program 2011
Welcome to the 2011 Spring Development Program.  The spring program has proven itself as the top development program in Western New York you. This year we will take the program to a new level with the introduction of the Skinner stick handling progression, which will be built into our program.
The program begins this weekend with a 3 v 3 game and clinics begin next week.  Before we begin there are some important notes I need to review with you.
Here we go!
Jerseys  -  We will not be issuing jerseys this year.  Instead we will be issuing Skinner CD’s to go with our new stick handling program.  As a result, you are free to wear a jersey of your choice to the clinic, but if possible please try to wear a white jersey to the 3 v 3 games.  We will use pinnies and helmet pinnies for the teams during the games.

Program Registration
If you have not yet registered for the spring program, please do so asap so we can assign you to a clinic and a game time.  Remember, the program is a mandatory component of the winter Grizzly Program.  Those not responding by Saturday at 9am will be assigned a time and day and their account billed for the spring fee.
Clinic / Games
A spreadsheet for clinic and games assignments will be sent to you with this Schedule email and posted to the Grizzly website.  Please note that although we tried to accommodate all requests for clinic days, some of you were assigned different days.  If we had to change your day, we tried to go with a comparable day (ie. Monday to Wednesday, or Tuesday to Thursday). Please email me with adjustment we need to make and we will do our best to work with you.  You may also be asked to change your game time if we feel you would be better off with a different group.  Our goal is to push your player during the clinic, and give them lots of chances with the puck on their stick in the games.

Every year we struggle with goalies, and this year we are going to try something new.  We have posted a goalie schedule on the website and assigned the goalies we know are registered.  The open spots need to be filled as follows:
  • Existing goalies may sign up to any open times, but must be sure they are able to attend.  Other open spots will then be filled by anyone who wants to try goalie.  And I do mean anyone.  Either use your equipment or use ours.  We have 2 sets available.  Starting Saturday at 9am, you may sign up for the open goalie spots by emailing me with the week # and game time you wish to play.  This is a good time to see how a goalie feels and reponds during games.  I encourage you to give it a try at some point.  Just don’t replace your current 3v3 game with goalie.  Do another time slot, maybe before or after your regular game.
New Skinner Stick handling Progression
As I mentioned above, we will be introducing a unique new component to the program.  Sean Skinner is the King of stick handling, and has traveled the world teaching youth teams through professionals.  He recently worked with Ovechkin, and is well respected by professional players at all levels.  The Skinner portion of the program will have three components: Take home CD, Off Ice Skinner workout at VS prior to or after your on ice clinic, and an on ice portion of the clinic linked to the previous two parts.  Sean WILL NOT be at any spring clinic sessions.  Staff running the program will be taught the Skinner system and following his off ice training protocol.  This should be really good.  We currently have 40 cd’s and hope to have the rest by Monday. We will pass out the cd’s at your first clinic next week.  We will have a coach running off ice Skinner workouts each day for 20 minutes between each ice session. 
Weekly Newsletter
I will once again be sending a weekly program newsletter.  The newsletter will be emailed to you each week, and also posted on the website.
I am sorry to get this out to you so late, but with tryouts starting and ending, we have gotten a little bit of a late start, but we will get things set for Sunday and be ready for the start of the clinics Monday. 
Jeremy is still recovering from his foot surgery, but will be joining us very soon.
You will be seeing additional emails as we get going.  Thanks for your support!
See you soon!!