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Week #2 Parent's Letter

Week in review

We are off to a good start, and all the kids are working hard and hopefully having fun.  A couple things I need to review with you.

 1.    Skinner Stick handling

The rest of the Stick handling DVD’s will be here Monday and will be distributed at your clinics this week.  To get the most out of the program, please try to attend the pre clinic off ice lessons and make a point of watching the sections of the DVD that are addressed in the lesson.  You should have a place in the rec room or basement where your player can watch the DVD and work on the skills.

 2.    Clinics

The clinics are designed to focus on individual skills.  As a result, it is not as critical who your player is on the ice with as much as their individual effort while working on the clinic skills. The players will get as much out of these clinics as they put in.  I will be putting the skill progressions we will work on through the rest of the clinics on the Grizzly website later this week.

 3.    3 v 3 Games

Today we experimented with a new format for our 3v3 games.  Some of the comments made by parents made me think I need to clarify my goals for these games.

Very simply, these games are designed for the kids to have fun.  Not to have them play up, and not necessarily to play with their friends or teammates.  The reason we don’t keep score is so the kids will try the moves and concepts we work on in the clinics without worrying about costing the team a goal or a win.  All the players in your child’s group are either their age, or one year older or younger.  Please do not ask to be moved unless your child meets one of the following criteria:

-        The player scored at least 4 goals in both of their 25 min. mini games.

-        OR The player did not score in either game.

If your player fits one of the above, then email me and I will adjust your players group.

Please remember, relax and enjoy your son or daughters game.  Stay positive and let the kids have fun without any undue pressure.


Setting player goals

What do you talk to your player about on the way to and from the rink for practices and games?  This is important time and if used correctly, can greatly enhance your player’s development.  You should talk with your player about his goals for the coming practice or game.  What do they want to accomplish?  You might need to give them some examples to start.  Examples may include:  Make at least 3 tape to tape passes, or make 4 positive comments to teammates.  Scoring goals and getting points should NOT be one of the goals.  Here are a couple guidelines that are important to follow:


1.              Goals need to be measurable.  It needs to be black or white whether they achieved the goal.  For example, “Play Good” should not be a goal.

2.              Player should write the goals in a little notepad which they keep in their hockey bag and keep track with you whether they achieve them.

3.              To be effective, you need to be consistent.  Occasional goal setting doesn’t work.

4.              Don’t reward accomplishing the goal with gifts.  This defeats the purpose as the kids get the wrong idea.  Your positive comments and congratulations are more than enough.

5.              As I said above, scoring goals, getting points, or winning the game cannot be goals.  These come as a result of each player achieving their personal goals.


Goal setting like this is very important as it creates an opportunity for the player to get positive feedback every time they play, even if the team loses.  If your player doesn’t achieve a particular goal, that gives you a chance to constructively discuss what they can do next time to have a better chance of success.  We need to get the players (and Parents) focus off winning and losing and more on fun and development.  Winning directly relates to the how successful the coach and parents are at the second two.


Bottom line:   Make EVERY trip to the rink a positive one! 


Quotes of the day

T        Together

E        Everyone

A       Achieves

M      More


“Be a champion in practice.  That is where champions are made”


Move of the day: The Lemieux Deke 

Mario Lemieux made this deke famous, now you will too!


Skinner DVD and Lesson

Lesson this week will cover the entire dribbling section of the DVD as well as the Fake Section through “Double Front Fake Left and Right”.


Clinic Drills   -   Fakes and Dekes

Obstacle Course   -        Focus on fakes and dekes.  Lots of shots as well.

Three Pass and Score    -         Players must communicate and pass quickly to open up the ice.  They must not over handle the puck, but puck protection will be emphasized.  Defenders must take away passing lanes and stay with their opponent.  This will help us introduce the concepts of checking and body position.

End Zone Rush – Angling and gap control will be worked on here.  A player must make a decision whether they can rush the puck or pass to activate a team mate and create an odd man situation.  This drill is part of the initial progression to teach these important skills.