A Proven Process Of Success
One summer day back in 2001, two dads, both athletic trainers, one a hockey enthusiast, the other a 17 year veteran of youth hockey spoke of a vision, a dream youth hockey program that should exist. The program should start with a very detailed athletic / hockey developmental regiments offering the total compliment of on-ice and off-ice training. The home facility should be very central to all players surrounding greater Rochester. A dedicated off-ice training facility should be available for year round training. The schedule, a season long schedule should be very consistent and made available to families prior to the start of the season. Eliminate the personal and political agenda’s. Finally, allow players that just needed an opportunity the chance to achieve.
That vision, Those Dreams Became A Reality In February Of 2002.
Two teams were formed to launch the Rochester RedWings Hockey Program.
The Pee Wee Minor Team had 19 full time players and an alternate goalie on the roster to launch their first season. After two years of development, the Bantam Minor team competes at the AAA level with the best in the State and finished second in the State at the 2005 Bantam Major Tier III Championships.     
The Bantam Team had only 7 players at the first tryout with no goaltender. The team ended with 20 players, 2 goalies, 12 forwards and 6 defenseman. Only 11 players had travel hockey experience. After two years of development, the Midget Minor team competes at the AA level with the best in the State and Won the 2005 Midget Minor Tier III State Championship held in Geneva March 18th – 20th.