Founder and President of The Rochester RedWings Travel Hockey Program Jay Kirk has been a leader in athletic and hockey player development in the Rochester area since 1996. While coaching at most levels of hockey competition in the Rochester area since 1984, Jay has combined the success and setbacks he has endured during those years to design the Rochester RedWings Travel Hockey Program. This program is geared for extensive player development while teaching a higher level of team system and concepts that every player would need to advance to the next level of play for players in the Greater Rochester area.
AAA travel players, AA travel players, select players and house level players filled the rosters of our first two teams. The challenge to mold two teams with such a variety of player experience was accomplished through the efforts of many.
The program prepared players to allow them the opportunity to compete at the high school level and beyond.   High school hockey in the Rochester area offers tremendous opportunity for future development and success.  Players able to compete at the high school level as freshman or sophomores or even as eighth graders can continue to realize and build for future opportunity